Monday, April 07, 2008

Deploying Vista Service Pack 1 (Vista SP1) via WSUS

Well I luckily upgraded our WSUS Server to 3.0 SP1 and ran into a snag where I couldn’t deploy SP1 to our Vista test machines, after some digging I found out that under that version you need to run a patch on the WSUS server retrieving the update. Updating the WSUS server that connects to the internet for updates would never actually retrieve the vista SP1 so you have to run through this.

The full step by step is here
Or for my trademark cliff notes.
Get this Patch
Patch your wsus server that connects to the internet for updates (I patched all my WSUS servers to be safe) NOTE: Requires a reboot
Then in the WSUS console under your server right click “Updates” choose “Import”
This will redirect you to the website where you can search for Vista SP1
Pick the standalone pack, click view basket at the top of the page and then import.
Voila Vista SP1 in your shiny new WSUS box.

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