Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Xencenter virtual disk device path unknown

Trying to add an additional virtual disk to an existing VM it listed the new disk as Device path

, it was also listed as not active.

The solution turned out to be pretty easy but was totally frustrating as it is not documented and no one seems to have had this issue and resolved it and/or told anyone about it.

The closest I found to my issue was a post where the issue resolved itself without any explanation by a user here

Here is a screenshot of what I’m seeing in XenCenter

Position 4 is the disk that was giving me trouble.

I had numbered the disk with the name “3” and its device path was listed as “

There are two things to try here, I suspect that the drive number 3 had been used previously where someone had created the disk and then deleted it and for some reason there was residual of the drive in the system somewhere that I couldn’t see it.

So I had numbered it 3 and changed that to 4 to escape that problem, I did notice that when it finally came up that it gave it a device path of /dev/hde instead of /dev/hdd which would be the next logical drive label. This also leads me to believe this was the issue.

The other thing I did during this troubleshoot however was to shut the server down to a powered off state, rather than just reboot it. I’m unsure which was the fix but both are worth a try to see if they resolve the issue for you.

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