Thursday, February 09, 2012

Cannot Open your default email folders gsync.dll

Installed the Google Sync tool for Outlook with this following error and found a quick fix.
I found this on a google solutions post.

Error Message:

Error: Cannot open your default e-mail folders. An unexpected error has occurred.
MAPI was unable to load the information service gsync.dll. Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured.

1) Right-click “My Computer” and choose properties
2) Click the “Advanced” tab
3) Click “Environment Variables”
4) In the lower box, double-click “Path”
5) For the variable value, leave what’s there, but at the end of the line add the following (the semi-colon at the beginning is supposed to be there):

;C:\Program Files\Google\Google Apps Sync

6) Click “OK” until all of the dialogs are closed
7) Open Outlook

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