Friday, August 26, 2011

Google Apps Proxyaddresses email alias field edits without an exchange server

Problem: Edit proxyaddresses field without an exhchange server. Solution: Easy

I am running an Active Directory (AD) environment internally but have no exchange server, it’s all nice and shiny 2008 servers so the attributes I need for snycing aliases with google apps sync tool are there.

The way to alter these fields so that I can add and sync aliases with google apps is to open up the active directory users and computers mmc and up the top from the “View” drop-down select “Advanced Features”.
Now when you open up a user, you get a new bunch of tabs, one of which is “Attributes Editor” in there you get a non scary gui version of ADSI edit, just scroll down to the “proxyaddresses” field and edit it, add and remove full email addresses as you see fit!

Amazingly easy and means people who aren’t savvy with adsi edit (or you don’t want touching adsi edit) are able to administer aliases for your google apps deployment.

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