Friday, July 22, 2011

OSX Lion Problems and Fixes so far

A fresh Lion install and an upgrade are running side by side at the moment to just start heavy user testing so we can OK the deployment ASAP.

Issue 1 VMWare Install fail: VMWare Fusion failed to install on my fresh install of Lion - Solved

Issue 2 Joining to domain succeeded, home drives are not mapping

Issue 3 Parallels: Unresponsive on Lion - Solved

Issue 1 VMware Resolution: Kexts are not registered properly and I had to fix that by hand in the command line.

cd /Library/Application\ Support/VMware\ Fusion/kexts/
sudo kextutil vmci.kext
sudo kextutil vmioplug.kext
sudo kextutil vmmon.kext
sudo kextutil vmnet.kext

Issue 2 AD mapped home drive: Solution not found yet, will be working on that shortly.
Testing: Apple have changed the procedure for changing logging level in OD, troubleshooting directory services through the following now.
In terminal: odutil set log debug
revert with: odutil set log default
debug logs sent to /var/log/opendirectoryd.log

Issue 3 Parallels unresponsive: Updated to Version 6 seems to have resolved that.

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