Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Australian 2008 Timezone Changes / Updates

Australian timezones call back delta and spring forward delta will be extended this year (2008), I’ve listed a whole bunch of links and article links below to help you in getting things patched in time for this change.

Server 2003 Package (x86)

Server 2003 Package (x64)

Vista Package (sp1 doesnt need the update)

XP Package

Outlook 2003
Requires sp2 or sp3 installed
requires a request to MS for the patch

Outlook 2007
odd name for the patch but this is the one to use.

Windows Mobile Update (cab file to be installed on phone)

Windows Mobile Update (run on desktop with phone connected)

Microsoft Exchange 2003
Exchange is a little tougher, you have to request the patch which makes it a slower process and will catch people out who only patch after the daylight savings changes happen and realise they haven’t patched their mail server(s).
You need to be at, at least Service Pack 1 in exchange 2003 and I would suggest using the excuse to go to SP2. To check your service pack there are two methods, I find the method that is actually listed on a Cisco page of all places as one of the easiest ways.
you basically find the store.exe in your exchsrvr\bin directory and go to the properties and in the version comments it displays your service pack level.
Microsoft do offer the SPCheck tool for those who wish to check on that as well as a large number of other components.

Exchange 2003 SP2 page with request link

Full Technet Article with all the appropriate links (alot of which used here)

2008 daylight savings planning pdf


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