Friday, February 22, 2008

Windows XP Offline Files Cache Error

I use offline files and folder redirection for users my documents folders, it’s also used by users creatively, to cache large parts of the corporate directory on the file server.
Every now and then I will run into an issue where the offline file cache will break, the completely useless error message is in the window below.
There is no choice but to do a full reset of cache.

Error Message:

Offline files (directory path): Unable to merge offline changes on ‘directory path’ The Parameter is incorrect.

Open My computer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> Offline Files (tab)
Down the bottom you will see a “Delete Files” button, you must press and hold CTRL+Shift and then press that button. You will get a prompt telling you the offline cache will be “Re-Initialized”. Depending on the factors of your offline cache size, your speed of your machine and the last time you went to confession, the cache re-initialisation will complete and tell you to reboot. This completes the most trivial and out of the ordinary process of key presses (considering there is a confirm dialog).

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