Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Ultimate MMC Setup

I’m not going to go through everything I use as alot are default and you should be able to sort out remote desktop and standard stuff like event logs on your own, i do however recommend these packs to really spice up your remote mmc goodness.

2003 admin pack
Must be installed before proceeding
Vista Issue: Note that Vista is a bit broken with this so to get this working with vista and active directory connector (mmc) you need to follow This Guide

Active Directory Admin Pack
Note: You will need your Server 2003 CD to do this.
Installation instructions

Remote Schema Management
This isn’t in the AD admin pack by default so you need to follow this

Exchange Admin Pack
You need to install the admin pack from the exchange cd and I would walk you through it but petri as usual comes through with the goods so if you need a guide on that go to the link

Remote desktop right click addon
Allows you to right click a computer in AD and try to remote control it
needs to be run once on the AD
rcontrol_setup.exe program is run once for the AD to enable the feature
On any computer you want to have this feature on (your admin machines) copy rControl.exe tool and make sure it’s in a locatable path, e.g. %WINDIR% (C:\WINNT for example)

note: I don’t tend to use this feature, i find it easier to just make a section of my MMC with remote desktops setup to all my important servers. I use dameware for remoting to clients as that is much easier and allows for an interactive session.

Install .Net Framework 2.0 or 3

Install MMC 3.0

Install Report Viewer

Run the WSUS Setup and just choose the console, nothing else


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