Friday, February 22, 2008

Dell Latitude D430 SSD Lockups

We recently got our hot sticky mits on a brand new Latitude D430 with the sexy 36gb SSD (Solid State Disk)

Problem: Throwing Down XP with outlook 2007 seemed to cause all manner of issues, lockups galore! A move to vista saw the lockups fall back to just Outlook, it seems the that the way in which Outlook stores and writes to the file is affecting the SSD’s ability to write to such a big file. The next test will be to drop back to outlook 2003 and see if the issue goes away.

The only assistance I can give is that a big OST makes the issue more and more apparent, dropping down the size to below 200mb got rid of all the freezing issues. Its a limitation of the write speeds of big files to the current SSD tech

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